New Walkaholics

Meet the Team

We believe the term ‘walkaholic’ is self-explanatory – a spontaneous stroke of genius sparked from our unanimous love for travelling on our trusty two feet! All of us here at Singapore Footprints feel there is no better way to explore the hidden treasures of the city. So since we can’t wait to share our secrets and stories with you, we’ve decided to let you get to know us a little better before you come down and join us. Promise us one thing though: don’t just snoop around our photos – we’re absolutely dying to meet you too!

xiu qin

Xiu Qin WELCOME TO SINGAPORE EVERYONE! Unsure of what you can do or where to visit in Singapore? Come join us at Singapore Footprints tour where we bring you through an enriching and authentic journey in Singapore! We’d love to meet each and everyone of you, share our experiences and explore our beautiful garden city together with you. :)

I took on this role as I love meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. At the same time, being a footprints ambassador allows me to learn about many different countries and cultures which  will be beneficial to me when I enter the tourism industry.

I joined SG Footprints as a guide as I feel that there are many undiscovered secrets about Singapore despite it being very small. So while my role may be a guide, there are times when I feel like a tourist whenever I learn something new about Singapore.

Wei QiWei Qi
I chose to join the SG footprints because I wanted to learn more about Singapore’s attractions and meet tourists from all over the world! The Chinatown tour is definitely an eye-opening experience where you can find out more about Singapore’s history in a close-up and interactive way.
Hoe XianHoe Xian I highly reccomend going haunting for Singapore famous hawker food around the island. Eg. BOONLAY nasi power lemak. I enjoy welcoming tourist to Singapore and showing them all the good things about Singapore:)
JoyceJoyce I chose to volunteer for footprints because I feel that it is meaningful to personally experience these elements that make up a part of singapore’s history and tourism industry. It is also a platform for me to gain insights into the local T&H industry which I intend to pursue a career in!
ZulhilmiZulhilmi Hi, I am Zulhilmi and I enjoy interacting with people of different cultures. I am very excited to share how Singapore evolve from a sleepy sea town to what it is today. The best way to explore an area would be on foot because you will get to immerse yourself completely in the surroundings. So do join us for our tours!
JanetJanet I choose to volunteer for sg footprints because I want to know more about Singapore.
And I believe tourists would like to understand local culture and history from their tour.
elainaElaina I want to be in the tourism and hospitality industry for a long time as I’ve always wanted a job where I can travel :)
huiling thmHui Ling I joined Singapore Footprint because I’m rather interested in the role of a tour guide, and at the same time would like to know more about Singapore too! It is rather refreshing to showcase Singapore’s history and interesting facts to tourists with pride :)
Di Ming thmDi Ming I am very passionate about meeting and interacting with people, and I believe that being an volunteer in Singapore footprint walking tour gives me this opportunity to do so. Through the walking tour, I have met the tourist from all over the world. It gives me exposure to different culture.
christineChristine Singapore is a place full of culture despite it being a modernised and cosmopolitan society. I would like to bring tourists to immerse in the different insights of Singapore & meet different kinds of people from around the world.
Shi MinShi Min It feels great to be able to introduce our own country to foreigners, exchanging knowledge and perspectives. Moreover, I get to learn more about our island home (:
 I joined footprints because i want to meet people from all around the world and learn more about their diverse cultures! It is exciting to be able to make a difference to the dynamic tourism landscape in Singapore ☺

Kah BengKah Beng I chose to volunteer for Singapore Footprints because I would like myself to not only meet people from different parts of the world but to also build up my confidence, to be able to speak up in front of people whom I met for the very first time and also taking the opportunity to discover different parts of Singapore.

The small conversation that I had with the tourists who took part in the tour allow me to understand the differences in culture between various countries and that of Singapore which I find really extraordinary when I get to learn how the tourism industry in Singapore is like compared to the rest of the world.

RadianceRadiance I like to bring foreign visitors around because I feel that Singapore has many great attractions that has not been shared to the world.
Hui QiHui Qi I volunteered for Footprints because I want to share with tourists all the charm that Singapore has to offer. I hope that tourists will come to see the beauty of Singapore and come back to visit again!
JeannieJeannie I love travelling to exotic places and seeking out adventurous activities! I hope to meet like-minded zesty individuals and show them what SG has to offer. 

Ayuni We may have limited resources to manage, but limitless boundaries to cross. There’s always something new in Singapore.
cynthia thmCynthia I chose to volunteer for sg footprints as i like interacting with people and sharing what i know with them. The best part of this tour is that even i myself will learn something abt sg everytime i attend or conduct the tour. Particularly, i like the scenic views during the tour like the Marina Waterfront and the Merlion.
sabrinaSabrina Footprints is a good way for me to share my Singapore story with people all over the world and while some people feel that Singapore has little to offer, I beg to differ. I hope that through these tours, people would get to see Singapore in a different light and experience the beauty of this little red dot.

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