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Auntie_Em7 (Mumbai, India)

Apologies because this review is 2 years late! But, I’d promised myself that amongst the first things I would do after joining here was to review them. Two years ago, I went on one of their walking tours on the day before I was scheduled to leave Singapore after a month there, and it honestly did feel like the best bit came at the end of the trip.

I prefer a leisurely pace to explore an area over the hustle-bustle and frantic nature of tours. Which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed Singapore thoroughly. However, despite having been to some of the places on the route before, I wanted to experience the place through the eyes of the locals, and so I went for the tour.

It was a cloudy, wet day but that did not damp the enthusiasms of our guides. They were very knowledgeable and kept entertaining us with snippets of information. And I had a marvellous time learning so much about the different places that I would have missed otherwise.

Definitely include this activity on your trip! You will not regret it!

P.S: The trip ended at Bras Basah and I took an MRT to Raffles, where I watched the Light Show at Marina Bay Sands before going back to my hotel. Best.Day.Ever!

Sterling E (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Sabrina, Jerome and Christine were incredible throughout the whole tour, always educating the group on how Singapore became what it is today. I don’t want to spoil their speeches so i won’t tell you what they say but it was very informative! It was their first time giving the tour and they exceeded my expectations. They took their time explaining things, always made sure everyone in the group was doing fine, and just being friendly with everyone. It was an incredible walk with great photo opportunities of all the major landmarks of Singapore as well as some quieter spots as well. This tour also was a great way to make new friends from all over the world. Our September group consisted of people from France, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Brazil. Another great think about this tour is its FREE!!

Agrawalbinit43 (Raipur, India)

This is a free 2.5 hours walking tour of some main areas of singapore starting from outside rafffles place mrt and ending near bras basah.
You will get to know a lot about singapore and the volunteers from nanyang university are great.They were very friendly, reach 10 minutes before and talk to them to know more about the city. One of them was LEE and other was ZHUOJIA.Both gave interesting pieces of information.

Kenji H (Ottawa, Canada)

I like to explore a city on foot and this tour,guided by local university students did a great job. within 2 hours, i get to understand the history of Singapore and witness the colonial change. and whats more, the students were great story telller as compared to other paid travel agent land tours that I attended previous years ago. the students really care about your presence in the group and i enjoy interacting with the locals. At the end of the trip, they introduced me to local food. Tips are optional, and they do no force it on us too. But I appreciate their service and gave what I think they deserve.

Very personalised tour and I greatly recommend it. I also has the opportunity to make friends with other participants.

Chevaughn L (Singapore, Singapore)
This is ideal for the budget traveller – the walking tours are run every Saturday and Sunday by a few undergraduates from a local university, and supported by a local statutory board the National Heritage Board.

They do 2 consecutive routes from the late afternoon to evening, one around the Civic District (though they claim it to be along the Singapore River) and one through the Bras Basah/Bugis area. Briefly covers places of interest like the popular Marina Bayfront and Esplanade to lesser known buildings like Armenian Church.

If you like heritage and want to find out more about Singapore’s colonial past for a low price, do give this a try. The kids do accept tips however, which are meant to keep their project sustainable in the long run. They are pretty knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful, and they’ll give you recommendations on good food and places of interest to see in Singapore.

You can visit their Facebook fb.com/SingaporeFootprints or main site http://www.singaporefootprints.com for more information.

AtroxPL (Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland)
Best way to start with the city.We walked trough the interesting places,getting the taste of Singapore multiculturness.No troubles with questions about personal interest.Guides are easy going,open and informative ,without “im the improtant mr Guide”attitude.It works as others Free Walking Tours-You dont have to pay,but You may leave a donation.In my case it was well deserved.Keep up the good work!

houseofsucci (sydney)
This is now the third ‘free walking tour’ that I have done in a city around the world, and they never fail to disappoint, because (1) they are usually run by people with geninue interest in history or tourism and (2) they attract like minded tourists.

Singapore Footprints is run by local uni students, studying tourism. Their aim was to inform us in an entertaining way. And they achieved it! Not only did the tour go over time ( but don’t worry, they are mindful of appointments, so they will ensure that you get to it) us like minded tourists, all went out for dinner with the two of of guides afterwards. A great way to meet other people when travelling solo.

ChrisDeConinck (Singapore, Singapore)
This is a free guided walking tour of “central” Singapore – tip whatever level you feel is appropriate. Run by a group of graduates in their free time on the weekends. They’re all up on their history and after 2 hours you’ll feel like you’ve got Singapore all mapped out (physically & culturally) and are ready to head off and explore on your own.

When my partner and I went on this tour we were the only ones and our three lovely guides took turns talking on the areas about which they new the most. An excellent, informative, personable and enjoyable tour.

They have taken the concept from (excellent) free city walks in Europe and I wish them the very best in growing their new tour in Singapore.

Highly recommended!

JohnnyBQuiet (Kiel)
To the hapless traveller, Singapore might seem quite superficial – given its relativly short history. The guys from Singapore Fortprints (calling themselves “Walkaholics”) are here to help. Each weekend, on Sat and Sun, three hosts (might be more, it’s a big group of friends anyway) will conduct a tour through the historic center of SG and point out Interesting sights and background stories. Sticking with them until the very end of the tour is highly recommended, as well as picking their brains. This is one of the rare opportunitys to get a good glimpse under the hood of SG, not to be missed. And – it’s free.

Adeline L (Indonesia)
Did a stopover in Singapore for 2 days and found out about the tour from the backpacking hostel. Decided to give it a try since its free and it seems like they cover quite a few interesting places.

The guides
From what I understand, this tour is run by a group of students and every tour has 3 guides. They are all very friendly and helpful. Some of them are very funny and they really know a lot about Singapore.

Attractions/places of interest
I learnt a lot about Singapore’s history, manage to get a lot of beautiful pictures of Singapore (include marina bay sands, esplanade, City hall and a lot of museums).

The first part of the tour lasted for 1hour 15 mins, i would advise any tourist to wear walking shoes and bring their water bottle because it can get tiring. Important to travel light.

My overall experience was a pleasant one, I really appreciate the students for bring me around Singapore. If I have a chance to, I will definitely revisit Singapore again and bring my friends along to this tour.

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