Meet the Team

We believe the term ‘walkaholic’ is self-explanatory – a spontaneous stroke of genius sparked from our unanimous love for travelling on our trusty two feet! All of us here at Singapore Footprints feel there is no better way to explore the hidden treasures of the city. So since we can’t wait to share our secrets and stories with you, we’ve decided to let you get to know us a little better before you come down and join us. Promise us one thing though: don’t just snoop around our photos – we’re absolutely dying to meet you too!

1 PenelopePenelope “Hi everyone, Welcome to Singapore! Are you looking to discover Singapore in a different and refreshing manner? Come join us at the Singapore Footprints walking tour! Fret not because we have well-trained and friendly guides to make you discover and fall in love with Singapore. I love travelling and making new friends from all around the world. Let me be here to share all the interesting facts about Singapore to you! You will be amazed :)”

1 Christie (1)Christie
 Join me on this fun-filled tour as I bring you to see some of Singapore’s most significant landmarks! I’d love to share anything you want to know about our beautiful city and I guarantee that you will discover many new facts and stories along the way. Looking forward to meeting all of you! ;)

1 Hui ShiHui Shi
 I love travelling and making new friends because I can get exposed to the different cultures from all over the world. I believe there is so much to see and so much to experience in life! Every place has its own story and traditions to tell, join me in Singapore Footprints to discover the wonder of Singapore! (:

1 Chin YangChin Yang
 Sporty, positive and friendly would be what I would use to describe myself.

I believe Everything in life happens for a reason. But having me in walkaholic need no reason for it to happen ;) Sounds deep? This is just the start to discover the fun and full of shit side of me :)

2 Jaf IeJafie
 I believe that it’s only through walking where you can really immerse yourself in the culture and learn the most about a country. Hop on the walking tour ​bandwagon now, I’m excited to introduce you my sunny and sexy country Singapore!

2 CherylCheryl  
I love the idea of travelling around the world, learning and experiencing the different cultures. Truth be told, although I’ve lived in Singapore my entire life, there’re still many places I’ve yet to explore! Since Singapore is ever-developing, I’m sure there’ll always be something new to learn about this country. So I’m looking forward to exploring these places!

2 Juan NingJuan Ning
“Not all who wander are lost.” I live to this quote as I love to travel and learn more about other countries. So join me to wander around and learn more about our little red dot and I hope that you will have a pleasant stay here in our beautiful garden city!

2 LydiaLydia The world which explains why I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy interacting with people, and having fun together. Tourist attractions always never fail to amaze me with their beautiful infrastructures. What’s travelling without food right.. I love café hopping and eating good food with good company! Looking forward to this new journey that we are about to embark together :)

3 Hui WenHui Wen 
Apart from shopping and visiting popular attractions in Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa and Gardens by the bay), I believe that walking through and understanding the cultural places is an important element for a tour or trip to a foreign country to be meaningful. As such, footprint would be the most ideal programme for you to gain more knowledge on the interesting facts in Singapore and at the same time, for me to know more about you! This is definitely a promising fun-filled opportunity you would not want to miss! What’s more to hesitate? Come join me to complete your tour in Singapore!!

3 Jie YinJie Yin 
A warm welcome to the lion city, Singapore! I love the joy of meeting people from different nationalities because I can always discover and learn new insights. That is why I really love to travel! What is more fun than meeting the locals and hearing about our home-grown stories?  Want to hear more about our daily happenings? Join us in our walking tours today and I assure you it will be a fun-filled and engaging one!

3 Xin Hui
Xin Hui “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” This is the kind of travelling I believe in and Singapore Footprints coincides seamlessly. So if you would like to discover the hidden gems
in Singapore in a fun and enriching way, join us in Singapore Footprints and be marvelled by the rich heritage of

4 AliciaAlicia Hi everyone! I love to travel and hope to one day go on a trip around the world. I hope you share the same passion as me as we embark on a journey to explore Singapore together! Let’s go! :)

4 HenryHenry Hi everyone! I am a very talkative person who is naturally humorous. I am always ready to discover new things and make new friends. I love interacting with people from all walks of life to experience and learn about different cultures. So join me on a tour of fun and knowledge around Singapore ^^

4 ShuqiShu Qi Many of my friends think that Singapore is a boring place to live in because it is too small. This is not true! At Singapore Footprints, you will get to know many interesting places overlooked by people. Come and join us! Let’s explore Singapore together!

5 JanelleJanelle
 I’ve always had an interest for learning new languages and have always wanted to travel different places around the world. I’m quirky and really enjoy meeting people from all over the world. It’ll be fun to explore Singapore together, just like friends on an outing!

5 ViviVivi  Helloooo~I’m your petite and friendly tour guide. I love to travel and make new friends. My greatest dream in life is to travel around the world and discovers the new cultures. I’m looking forward to our fun and enriching tour :)

5 Wan Zhen
Wan Zhen Hello! I love exploring the world and immersing myself in different cultures. I like to interact with people from different countries because there is just so much insight that I can gain from a short conversation with them! Join me on Singapore Footprints as we learn about Singapore and share our stories with each other!

8 Pek Khoon Pek Khoon
 I’ve always loved a little adventure on foot because that’s when we start noticing things we usually do not, and where we find our own little stories. Small as Singapore is, I believe there are stories hiding in the corners of every alley and street. So join me while I discover my own little country, and let me hear your stories too

7 ShirleyShirley 
Besides shopping and food, there is much more to Singapore than what you would probably know. Interested to immerse into the real Singapore culture? What’s better than to join our tour and get to learn it from a local’s perspective while also having a blast!
7 Serene
 I love my country, and I would like to share its history to anyone new to Singapore. Also, I am interested in knowing more about the many different cultures out there. Singapore Footprints would be a great learning platform for both me (the tour guide) and the tourists/anyone on tour! Let’s both have an enriching journey together ^_^
7 JayneJayne Hello! I always love to search for those hidden places in Singapore and take nice photos with them. And I would definitely love to share all these places with you guys. Looking forward to meeting all of you as we embark on our journey to explore Singapore together. :)

6 Yu PingYu Ping Welcome to Singapore!! Join us at Singapore Footprints to uncover the beauty of our city & experience the unique Singapore Culture! Most importantly, we have friendly & enthusiastic Walkaholics to explore our garden city with you!!:)

6 JoanneJoanne Hey there! It’s always enjoyable & refreshing to discover new things- be it while you’re traveling or even within your home country. Sometimes, the best things may be just around the corner. ;) Singapore Footprints will definitely give me the chance to discover Singapore among friends and share these discoveries with strangers. Most importantly,
let’s have fun!

6 Chin Boon
 Chin Boon Hi everyone! I love to explore the world by foot because it allows me to enjoy the beautiful scenery at a slower pace while gaining more knowledge on other cultures. Join us in the Walkaholic tour and let us discover the wonders of the tiny red dot and search for good food and places for visit together! I look forward to making new friends and also a fun and enriching tour with everyone! Welcome to Singapore and it will be a pleasure to see you joining our tour! 

8 Min HuiMin Hui
 Hello! I love travelling and enjoying the different culture that I can experience during my trip! Making new friends during each trip makes the trip more memorable and hence I am here in Singapore Footprints to be friends with you! So join me in making good memories while at the same time, enjoy the scenery in Singapore! (:

8 Teck KiangTeck Kiang I love how travel can change one’s perspective of the world and leave us with some of the most unforgettable memories. And I will be eager to hear some of the amazing travel stories you have to share, and also eager to share with you some of the wonderful experiences we have in Singapore. I believe Singapore has something special for everyone. So join us as we explore Singapore’s beautiful sights and hidden treasures!
9 AngelineAngeline Hello everybody! I’m an outgoing girl who loves to travel and hopes to meet new people from all over the world! Come join Singapore Footprints and exchange interesting perspectives with me! I would definitely love to interact and have an enjoyable time with you in Singapore! :)

meHuan Ghee Hello! Travelling has always been something that I love as there is always something different that I can experience and learn from the different cultures. Through the Singapore Footprints Tour, I hope to make new friends from all over the world, interact and share some knowledge of Singapore with you. I’m looking forward to having an exciting and fulfilling tour with you, exploring Singapore together and more importantly, to have fun!

9 LiangsiLiangsi I love how travel allows one to experience a whole new culture. To learn new things that you simply would not have imagined. And in Singapore, there are plenty of hidden gems that reflect our country’s past culture amidst the more reknown attractions that showcases our country’s future step to more aesthetic and technology-driven infrastructure. So do join me on one of our footprints tour and I assure you that we will have a fun and engaging session exploring the different sights and sounds of the Lion City.

10 AnnabelleAnnabelle A burning wanderlust and a love for exploration? That’s me! Discovering the world and interacting with the locals has always been a delightful and enriching experience for me. I want to spread the joy and knowledge of what tiny Singapore has to offer to my new friends! Come on, let’s go! Let’s start walking together!

10 EileenEileen Welcome to this little red dot called Singapore. I love to travel and my dream is to travel all over the world one day. In all the places I went, I gained many unique experience and enjoyed the hospitality of the locals. So, I hope I will be able to do the same for those who visit Singapore – to create an exclusive experience for you too.

10 ZhuojiaZhuo Jia The Raffles District is more than you think you know! There are so many interesting facts behind the scenery. And I am so glad that I have found them through becoming a walkaholic. I love exploring and find stories before scene. I really to invite you to embark on this journey with us. Have an eye for beauty and keep walking!

996877_10152066461324622_1803529_nXavier  Harow! I am Xavier, you can remember me as Professor X without the PHD. I love talking to people, so do pardon me if I talk too much. Tourism unites us all as ONE. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But I am a tour guide, so let’s tour around Singapore maybe?



Shu Wei I love sharing all trivial facts (albeit too random sometimes) that I know with people… Especially new friends!! And I love making new friends because there are just so much to discover and learn from everyone! I’m looking forward to having an exciting and enriching tour with you guys – What’s a good tour without some good fun? ;)
Sylvia Hello! I love to travel and discover the treasures of the world, and that’s why you’ll see me at Singapore Footprints! (: Travelling allows me to discover the different cultures and traditions and thus helps me to view things from various perspectives. So join me and let’s explore Singapore together (:
Joelyn Walk with our fun-loving team and leave your Footprints together with us. I can assure you that Singapore is not that small afterall. Want to have fun and interact with the locals, we are ever ready to welcome you for a tour around OurSingapore! As a guide of Universal Studios Singapore, FUN is what I am talking about. See you at our Footprints Tour!
Dickson WELCOME TO SINGAPORE! They say “To travel is to live”. Thus I strive to live my life travelling and exploring the many wonders of the world! Join us in the Singapore Footprints adventure to experience the wonders and fun of the Singapore culture! :D
Jun Ying Life is so much easier when: you’re funny, love to eat, sleep all day, blabber, travel and read. And yes, that’s me! That’s my life. Being part of SFP, allows me to do just that.And happy Halloween. BOOOO!
Noel Happiness is doubled when shared! I am fun loving and I enjoy learning new things but where’s the happiness in doing all these alone? I love sharing the new knowledge that I have acquired with my friends to double the joy of learning! So join me on this journey to know Singapore better and double the happiness of discovering Singapore! Lastly, welcome to Singapore! :D
Janice I love travelling and taking pictures of new places I’ve traveled to. Every journey is a new adventure and part of the fun is exploring and discovering something new at every corner. Singapore has many hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered, so join us on this exciting journey.
Wanyi Thinking that Singapore is just a food and shopping paradise? That is when you are wrong! Join me to discover the bits and pieces of Singapore and that is when you have a whole new perspective of our beautiful city. :)
Darryl Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get. Take a bite into one of these lil things, and then you’ll truly understand what life is really all about. That’s how I live by- to not only enjoy the simplest things in life from the outside, but to experience and savor every moment of it, inside out. To me, Singapore is one big fat piece of chocolate- pretty on the outside, but even prettier on the inside. Come join me as we take a big bite into this tiny island, and truly experience the Singapore Flavour. *Licks finger.
Yong Ping Welcome to our garden city Singapore! Not just a tiny red dot, we also have many nice attractions, good food and of course fun-seeking tour guides like us! :) I would love to meet new friends and we can explore interesting places in Singapore together! So don’t hesitate anymore, come join us in this “treasure-hunting” Footprints now! :)
Mabel I love shopping, eating, making friends, the little things in life and being a tourist in my own country! I get a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when I’m able to put smiles on peoples’ faces. As such, if you love fun, food and exploration, do join me in this little tour for a deeper understanding of Singapore…and her food!
Li Ting On this sunny island city, I enjoy setting footprints to inspiring and colourful places. Exploring places of wonders, be it tropical lush greens or exotic cultural and arts scenes, makes me one walkaholic. I love meeting happy people like you, so come join us to be walkaholics on this sunny island together! :-D
Sarah Hey there! I’m Sarah, and I love to eat, talk, laugh, travel and then eat and talk, again. Walk through Singapore’s narrow alleys and large roads with us to explore parts of Singapore you don’t see on Google! We’d love to meet you, get to know you and walk our way through Singapore, with you.

Senior Guides

Chern Wei Besides being a hunter for great deals and good food, I see myself as an active explorer for new places, be it in Singapore or overseas. I may be young, but I’m confident of providing excellent hospitality with a balanced mix of witticism on my tours; guaranteed for you to enjoy!
Darren Seeing more and doing more may be the common philosophy, but I believe it is more about the journey that makes traveling worthy. Join me at Singapore Footprints and let me bring you through a wonderful and unique Singapore journey!
HazelHazel I’m a true blue Singaporean who loves my food, my clothes and most importantly, MYSELF! I am also a confident young lady with a great sense of humour and a sort of spontaneity that is interestingly hard to grasp at times.
Hong WeiHong Wei I love to explore and uncover hidden surprises in tempo with the rhythm of the life in the country. So come join me, a Singaporean through and through, to learn fun, new things about places you may not know existed!
Jaslyn I am an outgoing person who loves to interact with people and find out more about their culture, their stories and anything they are willing to share! I believe that these are true treasures that money can’t buy. I also enjoy travelling and discovering different parts of the world, listening to music (which is kind of therapeutic) and playing sports (always good to exercise)! I look forward to meeting all of you!
Phebe Do you think our life is boring in Singapore? Definitely NOT because I am enjoying what I can do in my little hometown everyday! I love shopping. I love eating. I love sightseeing. I love Singapore. But more importantly, I would love you to come down to our tours so I can share my interesting life and stories with you every Saturday and Sunday.
Sherilyn I love travelling, not only to explore the attractions, but also to meet more people and learn about their cultures. Being the extrovert and cheerful person that I am, I’d like to spread this positive energy to those around me because I think what matter most is to live life to the fullest happily!
Janna Every trip I take around Singapore, I am discovering more about the treasures we possess but have forgotten about. As a travel enthusiast and the ultimate food junkie, I’ll make the journey as exciting for you as it is for me! So what are you waiting for?
Jun Ru Knowledge to me brings meaning and purpose. Walk with me and join me in experiencing the joy of learning together. Everywhere is walking distance as long as you have the time!
Lynnette I love food, shopping, traveling and meeting new friends!! :D I’d also love to share about my culture and learn about yours! So do join us for footprints so we can be friends! :D
Mabel I enjoy travel as you do, keen on trying different activities and experiencing different culture. Extreme sports is my love especially. After all, we are born to experience and travel, as a globetrotter!
Min Su
Many Interesting and New Stuff to be Uncovered.
So join us to find out more about our sunny Singapore! :)
Serene An outgoing and bubbly girl who loves to meet more people, and bring joy to other’s lives! Follow me to embark on this adventurous journey to discover more about Singapore and at the same time, bring back fun-filled photos and memories!
Stella Love to travel around and hunt for good food at different parts of Singapore and always sharing my joy and laughter with all the loved ones around me. Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time, so come on down and join us at the Singapore Footprints to explore the beauty of Singapore!
Tamlyn I am passionately curious about new things. I love food and love to travel. Feel free to share with me all your travel experiences. Let’s discover another side of Singapore together! Yipeeee(:
Ying Ying Here’s an outgoing and loud girl who’s always ready to share with you more stories about Singapore. One who simply loves food and travelling, do join me at Singapore Footprints to have fun and know one another :)
Jun Xiong Do you need someone to brighten your day or simply want to make more friends? If your answer is a resounding yes, then come and join me on the walking tour! Being an outgoing and humorous person that I am, I have loads of interesting stories which I can’t wait to share with you. More importantly, just like you, I also enjoy meeting new people! Still not convinced? Then come down to join me and I will prove you that!
Melisa Welcome to our bustling and wonderful garden city! I am fun-loving person who loves to laugh and happiness is always my aim in life. Do come on this tour with my friends and I as we share with you Singapore’s interesting heritage and culture. It’s always a pleasure to meet people from all over the world and I hope that you’ll have a great time with us and also on our island home!
Xavier The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Saint Augustine Join me in this adventure, and you will get to complete the book of Authentic Singapore in just 2.5hours, where you will discover the true meaning of Singapore’s Live, Work & Play culture!
Xin Pei I love food, I love travelling and I’d love to meet you! I’m a person who would normally take the bus or train over walking any day, but this walking trip is definitely something which I would sign up for if I were a tourist :) You can look forward to making new friends and going on a fun and authentic journey exploring Singapore!
Shawn “Fee fi fo fum, i smell the blood of a foreignman. Be he young, or be he old I’ll drag him along to see Singapore.” Walk with me, and find out more about the little red dot’s history, the food, the people, and more importantly, make new friends!
Angie “I see skies of blue, clouds of white Bright blessed days, dark sacred nights And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”. The world is as wonderful as how you see it. Meet us and let us make your time here in Singapore wonderful!
Ameer “Food. Shop. Modern. Green. All of which have become closely associated with Singapore over the years, but I can promise that you will be adding another word to the list after joining me on this fantastic tour to explore the rich heritage of Singapore! Food. Shop. Modern. Green. Culture.
Shelley Eating and shopping is my all-time favourite. I love to discover different cultures and interact with people from other countries. Getting bored of this small little town? Join us and let me share with you the places where you can eat, shop and play in this small island! Fret not to be bored on this trip as you discover more interesting insights of Singapore with me!Let me leave some footprints in you!
Liangsi Don’t know where to start your tour of Singapore? Join Footprints and let our friendly guides bring you to see Singapore’s iconic places! I love sharing about our little island, because of its eclectic history and culture. Exploring the city by walking with us would definitely give you a fun spin to your Singapore experience!
Juline Hey there, I’m Juline. My friends call me the food-tionary because I’m always the one that have countless of dining ideas regardless of which part of Singapore we’re at. I’m also outgoing and love to make new friends so come approach me if you need any help, I won’t bite!
Jia Hui Hi there! I love to travel and my ideal holiday is one by a quiet beach with a Piña Colada in hand! Come join me in Singapore footprints and gain insights on how much Singapore has evolved, then and now! Let me take you on a journey filled with sights and sounds of Singapore. You’ll be amazed at how much this little red dot has to offer!
Amanda I love to travel, explore new places and experience different cultures! I believe that the world is the best place to gain more knowledge, and to do so, you have to experience it yourself. Come join us on an amazing trip around Singapore and uncover places unknown to most tourists.
Jasmine I love how travel allows one to experience a whole new culture. To learn new things that you simply would not have imagined. And in Singapore, there are plenty of hidden gems that reflect our country’s past culture amidst the more reknown attractions that showcases our country’s future step to more aesthetic and technology-driven infrastructure. So do join me on one of our footprints tour and I assure you that we will have a fun and engaging session exploring the different sights and sounds of the Lion City.
Ching Chieh A food, culture and photography enthusiast, I have countless delectable food recommendations, interesting tales to tell and priceless photo opportunities up my sleeve! Whether you’re young or old, male or female, tall or short, or anywhere in between, pick me and I’ll make sure you have a whale of a time!
Desmond I have a decent sense of direction, which I suppose explains why I am here as a walking tour guide! I hope to wow you with a wicked sense of humor, and a touch of five star hospitality on my tours!
Hong TuckHong Tuck Other than my love for food, I love basketball and photography too. So do talk to me if you share the same interests! (Of course, even if you don’t, you can still talk to me haha!)
JacindaOohlala! I’m a person who loves to discover new things in life and am always eager to share new discoveries with my friends! I also enjoy nature, photography and travelling, and I look forward to the day when I complete my visit to all Seven Wonders of the World.
Juan Zhen I am a typical Singaporean who wants to share the things I love about Singapore to the rest of the world! I value cultural exchange and I love to travel!
Rachel My friends call me “chilli padi” because I’m small in size yet feisty and you can probably hear me even before you see me. I enjoy meeting new people and I will always try to bring fun wherever I go!
Shi Han I love to travel and take nice photos of each interesting place that I’ve been to. Photos can bring back good memories about these places and are means for me to share about the sights and experiences that I had with my friends!
Zach If you ever need someone to brighten your day, you have come to the right person! I love sharing jokes (good and sometimes, bad ones) and entertaining those around me, so I’m sure you’ll find it a joy to be travelling with me! Playing soccer is also one of my favourite activities so do invite me to your soccer games if you have any!
Ting Pei Hello! I love taking long strolls in my beautiful city here when I am free. I also love sharing stories and facts about my country with my friends from overseas. You can be one of them too! Do join me on this tour so that I can share interesting anecdotes and awesome food recommendations with you!
Tze Hin Love travelling, learning, interacting and savoring every bit of life! So let me bring you around the wonderful landscape of Singapore and open up your insights to this little sunny island. Not to forget the tasty local delicacies that you may just fall in love with. Wait no further and hop on to the Singapore Footprints wagon :)
Vince Life in my opinion is about seeing the world, being true to yourself and cherishing the people you have around you and most importantly, we should do this with a enjoying mentality! Which i hope i can pass to everyone that crosses my path! And remember, “We only live once and we should live it good!”
Ying Tong “Unabashedly Singaporean, I imagine myself to have an open-mind, artistic soul and an educated palate despite the vehement protestations of those who know me better. ‘Well traveled  is yet another term no one has explicitly used on me (though I do believe that to be the case) but home is where the heart is and nothing would please me more than sharing our wonderful little island with you! (:”
Yu Ting Size is not everything! If you underestimate Singapore because of her size, do join us for an amazing tour with Singapore Footprints!! Discover the history and witness the transformation of Singapore, uncover new & exciting places you never knew existed and get to know the friendly and ever-enthusiastic walkholics! I enjoy travelling alot and I love to explore new places to experience their culture. With our knowledge and passion, let us bring to you the best of Singapore!
Yi Huan After 7 years in Singapore, this lovely little island still surprises me everyday! And every single Singapore Footprint tour is different with something new to learn each time. It’s not just the walking, it’s the talking, laughing and bonding with people from all over the world that make Singapore Footprint an unique journey of discovery. And despite being a girl with horrible sense of direction, I can now easily bring you around the commercial, historical and cultural belts of Singapore! So ladies and gentle, follow me!
Christopher Don’t be fooled by my serious picture above!!! I am a fun going, sarcastic and witty individual that will be more than willing to share with you many interesting stories about Singapore on my tour. I love travelling and my motto has always been that “Travelling is never about the destination but it’s the journey and experiences that makes travelling what it is.” Join me on my tour and you will be amazed by the many fun, interesting and quirky facts about Singapore. You will also learn about the various nooks and crannies which offers the best price and quality local food in Singapore.